Becoming the most grounded, authentic, and wholehearted version of yourself is a deeply personal journey.


Through my highly individualized Program you’ll receive:

A customized + empowering daily practice (created specifically for your life) that will decrease your stress, increase contentment, and give you confidence to move through whatever life brings.

The accountability + connection you desire (as your mentor, I’m invested in you and eager to walk alongside you on your journey).

Access to my membership and all classes/courses.

Monthly calls dedicated to developing a guide of weekly practices and daily inspiration.

Daily texts of reminders, tools, and affirmation to keep you attuned, mindful, and inspired. 

My Private Mentorship program provides you with custom mindfulness techniques, movements, and meditations that will help you unlock your fullest potential + experience the healing you desire.

“Daphne and her Yoga has been one of the most powerful positive influences of my life!
The gift she shared is far deeper then the shapes I now can wiggle my 50 year old self into.
The quietness that Yoga bring when life emotions explode is one of those gifts.
I never image I would had the courage and the strength but inspired by Daphne’s practice I now take yoga to the place and people that need the most but rarely experience it is another.
Along with the gifts of her deep Knowledge and continuing study that she shares openly, make experiencing yoga thru her truly unique.”


Whether you’ve been practicing yoga, mindfulness, and meditation for years or you’re just diving in...the benefits these practices will bring to your life are abundant.

As humans we are constantly growing + evolving, which means we need a toolkit of diverse techniques to help us flourish. 

How would it feel to:

How would it feel to:

Determine exactly what’s going on in your life that’s blocking you from living empowered?

Have a daily practice, journaling prompts, daily tools, affirmations, and inspiration to keep you going?

Dramatically reduce your stress and anxiety so you can live the wholehearted life you want.

Deepen your sense of purpose and contentment

With my Private Mentorship program it’s possible (no matter how busy, stressful, or overwhelming your life may be).

Integrating ancient wisdom + modern science, I’ll distill everything I know as a meditation teacher, massage therapist, and yoga teacher so that you can experience their fruits in your life...right now. 


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