Bring the benefits of mindfulness to the workplace. 

Wellness works

The Wellness Works programs create sustainable change that happens from the inside out by:

Teaching how to skillfully handle stress and soothe the nervous system with science backed practices that you experience throughout our work together. 

Educating teams on creating and maintaining balance, especially through times of high stress, through supportive and easily integrated tools and techniques for a healthier more productive environment. 

Generating more self awareness to facilitate professional and personal development that fosters a mindful, emotionally intelligent, and nurturing company culture.

Inspiring sustainable and long lasting healthy wellbeing habits that optimize stellar performance and leadership, reduce stress and anxiety, increase clarity and creativity, and promotes trust and connection.

Providing on going support through workbooks, guided meditations and mindfulness practices, as well as access to my membership and all classes/courses.

Wellness in the workplace provides you with mindfulness techniques, nourishing practices, and holistic tools to reduce stress, boost focus and energy, increase happiness, and improve overall wellbeing in a more resilient workforce.

“Daphne has been pivotal in teaching our team the connection between mind and body. She not only restored the team physically through yoga sessions, but she also led us through breathwork that taught our group how we can control our central nervous system on and off the field. We use her techniques daily and our team continues to buzz about her group lead sessions. She is a must have!”

Roz Ellis
Head Field Hockey Coach
Stanford University

Cultivate a resilient company culture that empowers a thriving workforce, supports sustainable community care, and nurtures professional and personal advancement in reaching ones fullest potential.

Be the force of change amidst growing overwhelm, uncertainty, and the high stressors of day-to-day demands.

How would it feel to:

How would it feel to:

Foster a resilient company culture of outstanding leadership, performance, and wellbeing

Improve productivity, focus, energy, efficiency, clarity, creativity, cohesiveness. and engagement within the workplace

Dramatically reduce stress and anxiety by effectively handling the demands of our increasingly complex world

Deepen sense of purpose and contentment

With wellness works offerings it’s possible, no matter how busy, stressful, or overwhelming your life may be.

I had the privilege of hanging Daphne speak to my organization on two separate occasions. In both instances Daphne lead our events calendar with her mindfulness and anti-racists classes. Having Daphne kicks things off set an amazing time for her year. As a dual thread Daphne not only shares how you be can be more in tune to their breathing, then can durn on a dime by opening the eyes of many on anti-racist actions. She continues to be a breath of fresh air by combining one's health and the health of our society in one fell swoop. We are all better after going though Daphnes session, and look forward to having her speak to us again!

Eric Obeng
Sales Leader at LinkedIn

Online + In-Person Offerings

wellness work program offerings use science backed tools, practices, and techniques to support, empower, and thrive.


30-60 minute session on powerful mindfulness tools backed by science to easily incorporate into daily life proven to effectively handle the stress and anxiety. Pre-recorded guided mindfulness practices to continue on at work after the session and access to all The Practice membership classes included.

Mindful Nourishment

30-60 minute session on nourishing the body, mind, and heart from the inside out. A holistic program designed to balance work and life through powerful daily habits and learning how to nourish the 12 key areas of your life, from work, relationships, to what's on your plate. Nourish workbook + pre-recorded guided mindfulness practices to continue on at work after the session, and access to all The Practice membership classes included.


15 - 60 minute standalone or ongoing guided meditation session to feel calm, focused, and centered.


10 - 60 minute standalone or ongoing guided breathwork session to break free from stress, balance the nervous system, and promote overall wellbeing.


30- 60 minute standalone or ongoing guided yoga movement session to release tension and promote longevity in the physical body and mind.

Group Health Coaching

Ongoing group program using an integrative approach to lifestyle, nutrition, and self-care changes to improve health and wellbeing. Working as a guide  in areas of nutrition patterns, relationships, physical fitness, mental wellness, work, and more toward an overall healthier, vibrant, and empowered life. Access to The Practice membership and all online classes and workbooks included. 

"Daphne spent two sessions with Zendesk teaching about mindfulness, nutrition, and the mind-body connection. The team found Daphne’s presentations engaging, accessible, and doable. We were lucky to have her for two sessions, and it was great to have the continuity with one teacher to bring the lessons together and provide space for reflection and questions. The takeaway workbook helped her lessons last beyond the session itself, and provided many tweaks to thinking and tools to manage day-to-day experience The team also liked having her practice new tools with us in the session itself, both as a way to find space in the day, as well as to grow our own practices with attentive guidance." 

Alex Mack Director of Industry Solutions - Zendesk

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