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Discover a new way of wellness. Tap into empowering habits and practices that strengthen resilience, balance mood, improve sleep, cultivate self-love, enhance vitality, boost creativity, and deepen connections. 

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Create the most powerful daily habit shown to improve mood, sleep, and focus.
Learn how to meditate in this simple yet empowering meditation course. 

3 Guided Meditations + How to Meditate e-book

Free Guide

Create the most powerful daily habit shown to improve mood, sleep, and focus. Learn how to meditate in this simple yet empowering meditation course. 

3 Guided Meditations + How to Meditate



In this fast-paced world, stress, worry, and fear often make it difficult to live out our fullest potential.

True transformation begins from within, and that by doing the inner work, we can create a positive and lasting impact on the world around us.

Ever since being in the wellness world as a child I felt the desire to share the practices of well-being with others, so that everyone can experience the profound benefits of living a harmonious life. With over a decade of teaching experience and a lifelong commitment to learning from world-renowned leaders in meditation, mindfulness, trauma-informed somatic movement, breathwork, holistic health coaching, and massage therapy, I offer a unique approach that empowers individuals to unlock their innate potential and embrace a holistic lifestyle nurturing mind and body.

Through an integrated approach in ancient wisdom + modern science into our busy lives I believe that you and I can...

Live happier lives marked by more clarity + less overwhelm
Increase our health and longevity
Cultivate thriving relationships.
Embrace ourselves as we are
And embody the most authentic version of ourselves

The Practice Membership, 1:1 Mentoring, Courses, Podcast, and community minded wellbeing resources offer holistic + accessible tools that will support you along your journey. 



personalize your wellness


Realign and design your dream life through personalized wellness. Private sessions in yoga, meditation, or breathwork, and holistic health coaching help you co-create an empowered, thriving life. With diverse modalities spanning mindfulness, habit formation, nourishment, relationships, and somatic movement, I provide the tools and guidance to cultivate vibrancy, fulfillment, and alignment with your authentic, confident self.

go deeper


Experience the key to profound well-being as you embark on a transformative journey through thoughtfully designed courses. Delve deeper into practices like meditation, breathwork, somatic movement, rest, and bodywork, empowering yourself to nurture inner harmony, unleash untapped capabilities, and embrace a life of fulfillment.

empower + thrive + succeed

corprate wellness

Comprehensive evidence-based corporate wellness solutions for your team to succeed and thrive. Through our expert-led mindfulness and meditation sessions, combined with holistic approaches to whole body wellness, these sessions will help reduce stress, enhance focus, and elevate productivity, ensuring your workforce thrives in today's demanding business environment.

"Daphne is one of the most gifted teachers. She guides with such grace and wisdom. She transformed my life."

-claire f.

Clients include...

A space where holistic practices, scientific research, philosophical musings, and the mind-body connection converge to enrich your understanding of health and well-being. Discover insights and tips for a balanced life, along with answers to frequently asked questions about all things wellness.

the practice of being blog

A delightful collection of simple and nutritious recipes that align with your health-conscious lifestyle. With a focus on plant-based, dairy-free, and gluten-free options, explore the world of whole-body health and nutrition, as our recipes nourish, energize, and bring balance to your mind and body, leaving you feeling vibrant and radiant.


Your go to source for simplified mindfulness practices, holistic well-being teachings, and tools rooted in modern science + ancient wisdom for living an empowered life. Join me as we explore the science of stress + mindfulness, wellness tools, holistic philosophy, and practices that lead to alignment, well-being, and joyful living.


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