Prompts + Guides



Write a love letter to yourself from the seat of your heart.

Working with Resistance 

Break through resistance and blockages, discover gratitude and wisdom on the other side. 

Good Habits

Discover who you want to be and what daily habits align with the life you fully desire. 


A guide to become aware about what feel out of balance and discover what practices bring you into harmony. 


Know where your joy resides within you and understand what hides your joy + what enlivens joy. 


Writing prompts to cultivate self-awareness through curiosity. 


Learn how to use the wheel of emotions to ease anxiety and the science of why it works. Gain access to the whole brain and your inner wisdom to guide you into a state of ease and peace. 


Use the powerful mindfulness practice of RAIN to journal through difficult emotions. Recognize, allow, investigate, and nurture with compassion and acceptance.  


Use the wheel of life to determine the areas of your life you feel satisfied + balanced and the areas of your life that need more energy + care.