Rejuvenate the body, nourish the nervous system, calm the heart, and clear the mind in the most relaxing technique on earth.

deep rest


Deep Rest, a yoga nidra practice, is the most relaxing technique that exists. Take 35 minutes to ground in to your most empowered state of being. 


Deep Rest, a yoga nidra practice, is the most relaxing technique that exists. Take 35 minutes to release tension, thoughts, and emotions.


32 minutes guided yoga nidra meditation, one of the most relaxing techniques that exist. Connect deep within to your subconscious and set intentions of joy and love. This transformative practice creates a sense of lightness of being, opening to the heart, clarity to the mind, and relief in the physical body, so that we can show up in the world fully aligned in our mind, body, and heart.

Working with Resistance

25 min deeply relaxing guided meditation to witness and release anything we are resisting, struggling with, or judging. Let your day dissolve, thoughts melt, and tension vanish.

Good Habits

30 minute deeply relaxing guided meditation. Perfect for the end of the day to clear the mind, activate the relaxation response, and release any accumulation of stress, while allowing the physical body to release tension. Accompanied by deeply relaxing music. 


25 minute guided meditation. A deeply balancing + harmonizing + rejuvenating relaxation practice. First we ease tension with a progressive muscle relaxation technique paired with a breathing practice that activates the relaxation response, then we slow down our breath, and scan through the body as we rest back in spacious awareness. 


5 minute s to joyful sleep. A guided meditation to quickly + powerfully release tension and restlessness using progressive muscle relaxation, so you can get a beautiful and relaxing restful meditation or sleep.


21 minutes of the most relaxing techniques shown to improve sleep, cultivate space between stimuli and our reaction, strengthen resilience, process emotions + thoughts, let go of built up stress, restore the nervous system, release tension, and create an inner sense of calm. 


10 minutes to deeply calm and rejuvenate the whole body, mind, and heart. A simple yet powerful practice to help ease into sleep, quiet the mind, and relax the body. 


18 minutes to unwind and destress. Relax the body + mind + heart through the practice of witnessing and accepting life as is. This practice is shown to reduce anxiety + stress, deactivate the fear + worry center in the brain, and boost mood + outlook. 


32 minute yoga nidra sound bath meditation for the ebb and flow of life. Embodiment is our most empowering state of being, reclaim your balance in the push and pull of life through your breath in this deeply relaxing practice and sound bath of crystal bowls. 

Low Back

30 minute restorative deep relaxation meditation designed to process pain and release discomfort through awareness and acceptance. 


25 minute deeply relaxing and restorative meditation that infuses gratitude in every part of the body, heart, mind, and spirit. Accompanied with music.


20 minute reset relaxation technique, where 20 minutes is equal to 2-4 hours of deep sleep. Set a clear intention that will transform your life as you connect to your subconscious. This deeply rejuvenating meditation is accompanied with music. 


20 minute rejuvenating relaxation meditation, giving your body, mind, and heart love + appreciation. Feel loved, cherished, and deeply restored, while letting go of any blockages or grievances harboring in the heart. This deeply rejuvenating meditation is accompanied with music.