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Learn how to create transformative + long-lasting + sustainable habits for a thriving life. 

Good Habits for Good Living

Get started on your journey with this meditation challenge



Breathwork is a deeply transformative and powerful practice to enhance you wellbeing. Continuous connected breathing + pranayama techniques to release stress + work through old wounds + calm the mind  + open the heart.


Movement is designed for complete body care. Flow, HIIT workouts, restorative, and self-massage classes with longevity + joint safety in mind.  Tone, sweat, strengthen, stretch, restore, boost brain + heart health, and release stress in cathartic mindful movement practices. 


Meditation is a transformative practice of present moment awareness. Destress, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, boost immune system, improve mood, strengthen emotional resilience, create deeper connections with self + others, improve focus, boost brain functions, regulate nervous system, feel more joy + love, and connect with your most empowered state of being.  

Deep Rest

Deep Rest, a yoga nidra practice, is the most relaxing technique that exists. Improve sleep + boost brain function + release stress and anxiety + enhance overall wellbeing. A 20 minute practice = to 2-4 hours of deep sleep. 

Categories of Classes


Journal prompts + guides. 


Ground in to your most empowered state of being.


Release what no longer serves you and remember your true nature of love + joy.

Monthly Themes


Self-love practices to strengthen resilience of the heart + tune into inner wisdom.

Working with Resistance

Shift your perspective to resistance, use it to strengthen + grow, and release into the power of the present moment. 

Good Habits

Design simple + transformative systems for well-being with short + effective workouts, mindful stretch + movement for computer desk work, a simple meditation for anxiety + focus, yoga + breathwork for your morning routine, and  a relaxing end of the day meditation practice for sleep. 


Find balance in everyday life, whether you needing energy or a space to unwind, these practices are made for you. Harmonize mind, body, and heart through a vocal + mantra meditation, balancing mindful movements, a calming breathwork, restorative deep rest, and journal to guide you into balance. 


Come home to your most natural state of being: joy. Let all tension, judgments, separateness, and stress dissolve as you move through a blissful full body movement practice + sweet inner smile meditation + breathwork tool to shift state of being no matter what + 5 minutes to joyful sleep deep rest meditation, all under 10 minutes! 


Learn how to work with discomfort through the practice of curiosity, fostering non-judgment and compassion. 15 min breathwork to empower + 50 min full body flow to align and open + 15 min power HIIT to strengthen endurance + 30 min full body restore to nourish joints + 15 min meditation to connect with inner wisdom.

Join the community monthly calls coming soon!

We highly recommend you don’t miss these calls. Community is an important to uplift yourself. These calls go over the ancient wisdom and modern science of holistic practices, answer any questions that may come up for you, and sometimes we bring in a guest speaker. If you’re struggling with stress + anxiety make sure you don’t miss it!