Remember the infinite space of your heart in loving kindness to you and all those around you



19 min continuous conscious breath, a 2 part inhale and one part exhale all through the mouth, to weed the garden of the heart of any blockages or grievances, so you can grow a garden of love that will nourish every experience of your life. After breathwork, plant the seeds of compassion with loving kindness meditation. Feel free, open, and abundant. 


Move + breathe through any blockages of the heart + connect the boundless strength of  your open heart with 60 min yoga asana flow connected to the breath, with a focus on twists and backbends to open the heart + 15 min HIIT full body focus on lower body, core, and arms + 20 min partner restore massage to practice with a loved one, a relaxing + rejuvenating practice to deepen connection and love. 


15 min loving kindness meditation, also called "Metta" meditation, is an ultimate form of generous + selfless love towards ourselves and others. This Buddhist meditation is shown to reduce pain, ease social anxiety, help process + release anger and difficult emotions, and increase self-compassion. 

Deep Rest

20 minute rejuvenating relaxation meditation, giving your body, mind, and heart love + appreciation. Feel loved, cherished, and deeply restored, while letting go of any blockages or grievances harboring in the heart. This deeply rejuvenating meditation is accompanied with music. 


Increase self awareness on the inner critic, which without reflection can often create a negative haze on how we engage with the world. Get to the root of the inner judgments + shift the narrative to a more supportive and compassionate inner environment.