Release blockages + strengthen heart space + feel free and open


Flow Movement

60 min yoga asana flow connected to the breath, with a focus on twists + backbends to open the heart. Train the mind to drop into the heart in this practice that reminds you of the boundless abundance of your heart. 

Power Movement

15 min HIIT full body focus on lower body, core, and arms. Remember the boundless strength of your heart + process any blockages of the heart in this sweaty + endurance filled practice. Stat with a 3 min warm up, followed by 12 minutes of cardio + strength training, with an optional 46min cool down. 

Restore Movement

20 min partner restore massage, also called pranamassage, to practice with a loved one, partner, friend, or family member. A relaxing + rejuvenating practice to deepen connection and love.