Self-love practices to strengthen resilience of the heart + tune into inner wisdom.



9 minute breathwork practice of continuous connected breathing (6 minutes) and self-love heart opening meditation (3 minutes). Use this practice to transform old stories and beliefs that may get in the way of knowing our true nature. Connect with the divine love that is always within you. 


Connect to your heart + strengthen self-love. Build resilience of the heart in a 12 min power HIIT, open the heart + shoulder joints in a 40 min flow, and massage upper back + chest in a restore. 


10 minute guided meditation to tune into your inner wisdom, quiet the inner critic, and build a practice of loving non-judgmental compassion. Know that you are enough and worthy in this heart meditation of self-love.

Deep Rest

32 minutes guided yoga nidra meditation, one of the most relaxing techniques that exist. Connect deep within to your subconscious and set intentions of joy and love. This transformative practice creates a sense of lightness of being, opening to the heart, clarity to the mind, and relief in the physical body, so that we can show up in the world fully aligned in our mind, body, and heart.


Write a love letter to yourself from the seat of your heart.