Let go + transform



10 min breathing practice of lengthening the exhale to activate the relaxation response, calm the mind, dissolve tension, and releasing any fears or worries you may be holding on to.


37 min slow flow to help with sciatic nerve. Tone + open hips and pelvis and bring fluidity into the spine. 13 min standing practice to strengthen + tone muscles that support a healthy sciatic nerve. 18 min sciatic nerve restorative movement all practiced in a chair. All prenatal friendly


15 min meditation to get grounded amidst uncertainty and ease suffering by surrendering to life as is and trusting that everything is working out for you highest good and the highest good of all. Feel more grounded, joy, and ease.

Deep Rest

26 min to surrender your day and come home to your inner sanctuary. Let go of anything no longer serving you through the breath and then completely release all tension, thoughts, and emotions in this rejuvenating practice. 


The garden of your life: weed what no longer serves you, reflect on all the things you are growing, and what you wish to plant and see bloom in a journal to realign with your higher self.