Come home to your higher self.



7 min powerful deep breathing to shift your state of being + clear the slate while activating the relaxation response. 


40 min full body flow focused on opening the hips + working with 2nd chakra of creativity. 13 min full body mat practice to strengthen, tone, lengthen, and empower. 23 min seated practiced on the ground using myofascial release + restorative movement to open the hip joints.


11 min tapping technique to shift your state of being + process difficult emotions and rewire old belief systems. EFT, emotional freedom technique uses finger tapping of different meridians in the body and affirmations to rewire emotions, it is helpful for anxiety.

Deep Rest

26 minute to clear the slate and start fresh through the deeply relaxing practice of witnessing and accepting.


Prompts shift your state of being and connect with your higher self.