Start again through compassion + non-judgment + breath + intention



12 minute continuous conscious breath, a 2 part inhale and one part exhale all through the mouth, to till the soil and weed the garden of our heart, mind, and body through the breath. Then plant a powerful intention into the fertile soil of your heart as we seal the practice in meditation. 


Clear the slate in practices designed to get you back in the body, your most empowered state of being. 27 min yoga asana flow connected to the breath complete with alternate nostril breathing to balance the brain and emotions + 20 min restorative flow with myofacial release massage for the shoulders and upper back + 6 minute full body HIIT and optional 3 min cooldown.


14 minute guided meditation to reset and shift your state of being through the practice of non-judgmental awareness + compassion, breath, and intention.

Deep Rest

20 minute reset relaxation technique. Set a clear intention that will transform your life as you connect to your subconscious. This deeply rejuvenating meditation is accompanied with music. 


In this 4 part journal you will be guided with journal prompts to reflect on where you are, what works and what needs improvement, reassess all areas of your life, and realign with your highest self, so that you can reset your vision, goals, and create an action plan to reach your heart's desire.