Open + clear + empty to make room for joy.



8 min 360 breath, breathing into the front, sides, and back of the body. This full body diaphragmatic breathing is great for prenatal. 


27 min full body flow hip focus, using contraction + tension to create ease + release. 20 min restorative practice to release tension and melt into the support of the earth. 16 min full body mat practice tensing + elongating the body to create spaciousness + strength. All Prenatal friendly. 


17 min meditation to clear the clutter of the mind, helping the body + brain + heart process what is needed and let go of what is not. Use the breath and the mantra Let Go to train the mind to stay present, creating clarity + ease. 

Deep Rest

25 min deeply relaxing meditation, using the breath to empty the clutter of the mind + setting a clear intention of gratitude, abundance, worthiness, and empowerment. 


Declutter and create space in your life to bring in the joy through journaling.