Feel grounded + safe + supported



6 min walking breathwork, matching your footsteps to the count of your breath. This breathwork stimulates the vagus nerve, master nerve of the relaxation response and improves focus while clearing the mind. Can be practiced walking or seated.


28 min grounding practice, staying low to the floor to reconnect with the earth and engaging the core as a way to reconnect with your will power and center.  23 min mat style tone and lengthen full body core workout. Connect with your core and the earth. 21 min restorative movement practice to stretch and open the legs, hips, and hamstrings.


10 min meditation practice to reconnect with the earth and our higher self. Use the 5 senses to get fully present, focused, and grounded. This meditation can be done seated or walking and recommended to practice outside. 

Deep Rest

13 minute rejuvenating guided meditation to connect deeply with your breath, training your body to breath a positive and relaxing rhythm while you rest in the present moment.


Journal prompts to reconnect with your purpose, joy, and gratitude to fill your tank, shift your perspective, and inspire.