Design simple + transformative systems for well-being.

good habits


10 minute pranayama  practice, using breathwork techniques of bhastrika pranayama  + kapalabhati pranayama + nadi shodhana . We first break down each technique and then put them all together for a well rounded pranayama practice. Feel energized, purify vital organs, + balance mind, body, and emotions.


Easily integrate practices from first thing in the morning to work to strengthen, tone, calm, and stretch.  25 minute Flow for the morning, 4 mini 5 minute Power workouts broken up into upper body, lower body, full body, + core, and 16 minute Restore seated flow, perfect for the a work break. 


8 minute guided meditation using the 5 senses to bring you into a state of deep calm + boost focus. Perfect to do at work, on a walk, first thing in the morning, before bed, or whenever you need a moment to clear the mind + gain focus. This meditation eases anxiety + reduces stress. 

Deep Rest

30 minute deeply relaxing guided meditation. Perfect for the end of the day to clear the mind, activate the relaxation response, and release any accumulation of stress, while allowing the physical body to release tension. Accompanied by deeply relaxing music. 


Use the following journal prompts to  align with who you are in order to design systems of  habits that will create the person you desire to be every single day. Taken from Chapter 2 Who do you want to be in the e-book Good Habits for Good People

Habit Tracker

Create long-lasting habits that transform your life. The habit tracker design with time + place and checking off completed habits combines proven methods to keep  your habits going.