Easily integrate practices from first thing in the morning to work to strengthen, tone, calm, and stretch.  

good habits

Flow Movement

25 minute morning yoga practice combining mindful alignment with breath. Stretch + move your spine in all 6 ways, open the hips, go upside down, and train the breath to breathe in a positive rhythm for a beautiful start to your day.

Power Movement

Only have 5 mins to workout? 5 min upper body, core, lower body, and full body HIIT classes designed to easily integrate into your busy day. Get the blood flowing + sweat + boost the immune system + nourish brain, lungs, and heart with 4 mini 5 minute classes. Or put them all together for a 20 min workout + stretching.

Restore Movement

16 minute seated flow perfect to practice at your desk for a much needed work break. Open all the joints of the body making your way from the head, neck, shoulders, wrists (especially if you type + text), knees, hips, and feet. Stretch + release tension from the back to keep you feeling rejuvenated + nourished throughout your work day.