Full Body Power Movement

good habits

5 minute full body HIIT movement. 1 min warm up followed by  down dog kicks + burpees + bear twists to frog jumps. All movements use the full body. This class is only 5 minutes but you will sweat and feel challenged. Optional 4 minute cool down to open the hips  and stretch the back body. 

Upper Body Power Movement

5 minute tabata style upper body HIIT focusing on the arms. Start with a 1 minute warm up followed by 2 rounds of 4 different movements to tone + stretch + strengthen the upper body, and complete your practice with an optional 4 minute stretch + cool down. 

Lower Body Power Movement

5 minute tabata style lower body HIIT. Start with a 1 minute warm up, followed by 8 different lower body movements to strengthen + tone + sweat, and complete the practice with an optional 3 min cool down + stretch. 

Core Power Movement

5 minute core! Strengthen + tone your core with 10 different core movements, 25 seconds of work + 5 seconds of rest.  Boost confidence + aid digestions + relieve lower back pain + feel good, all in just 5 minutes of work. 

Power Movement: 5 minute

Only have 5 mins to workout? 5 min upper body, core, lower body, and full body HIIT classes designed to easily integrate into your busy day. Get the blood flowing + sweat + boost the immune system + nourish brain, lungs, and heart with 4 mini 5 minute classes. Or put them all together for a 20 min workout + stretching.