Feel rejuvenated + boost energy + increase vitality



5 min continuous conscious breath matched to the rhythm of sound bowls. This practice includes 10 rounds of a 2 part inhale and one part exhale all through the mouth, with an opportunity to hold the breath at the top of the inhale. This is a powerful breath, increasing energy, oxygen, and vitality, while nourishing the mind, body, and heart in a short practice. 


Increase energy + vitality in 3 movement practices which rejuvenate the spine, moving the spine in all 6 directions. 24 min standing yoga asana flow connected to the breath. 8 min standing HIIT full body workout for longevity of the spine. 24 min nourishing movement + massage to nourish, all practiced supine. 


13 min guided meditation using breath + visualization to nourish the mind, body, nervous system, and heart. Feel revitalized and nurtured in this relaxing meditation. 

Deep Rest

20 minute nourishing relaxation technique, using first the breath to activate the relaxation response followed by visualization of a radiant light nourishing the body, mind, and heart. Feel tension dissolve + nourished + deeply rejuvenated. 


Bring guided self-awareness to all the 12 areas of your life through this 3 part journal. Using the primary food technique reflect, cultivate + brainstorm practices and habits to nourish each area of life.