Feel connected to your higher self 



13 min three part breath, diaphragmatic breathing, and 333 technique (inhale for 3, exhale for 3, hold for 3). This practice improves posture and activates the relaxation response to strengthen your inner wisdom + connect to you higher self.


16 min standing flow practice to move the body through balancing techniques, lengthen the spine, and realign with your foundation. 12 min standing power practice focusing on the lower body. 14 min restorative self massage / myofcaial release, working from the feet to the back of the neck to reset and realign your foundation + spine. 


9 min meditation practice to realign with your higher self by focusing on the feeling of your pulse and the mantra Sat Nam, meaning "true identity". This kundalini inspired meditation is perfect for beginners. 

Deep Rest

40 minute deeply relaxing guided meditation to align with your higher self. First, discover the feeling of being in connection with your higher self, then plant the seed of intention deep within the subconscious throughout the meditation.  


Prompts to discover what it looks + feels like when you are out of alignment and envisioning what it feels + looks like to be in alignment.