Shift your perspective on resistance + release from limitations. Use resistance to gain strength + grow.

Working with resistance


23 minute breathwork practice of continuous conscious breathing: 4 min discussion + 10 min active breathing + 4 min rest. We will work with resistance, which tends to show up in the first 5 minutes of a breathing practice. Resistance means the practice is working, we are growing + transforming.  


Shift your relationship with resistance + use the powerful strengthening benefits to grow + transform. Breakthrough old limiting stories as we practice a 40 min Flow - handstands included,  15 min Power - full body with optional use of resistance bands + endurance, and 30 min Restore - a fun hip opening flow.


18 minute guided meditation (5 min discussion on mantra + 10 min seated practice) to shift our relationship with resistance, learn two powerful tools to focus and calm the mind, and let go of anything holding us back from our most empowered self. 

Deep Rest

19 minute rejuvenating guided  meditation. We learn the technique: Witness + Release. A perfect way to let go of your day and work through things you are resisting. Accompanied by deeply relaxing music. 


Writing about resistance allows us to see it differently. Use this journaling technique to work through anything you feel you are pushing against in life.