Shift your relationship with resistance + use the powerful strengthening benefits to grow + transform.

Working with resistance

Flow Movement

40 minute flow to shift our relationship to resistance, working with resistance to strengthen + transform our body, mind, and heart. Focus on root lock (mula bandha) engagement or deep core, thigh + hip openers, backbend + folds + twists, and handstand work!

Power Movement

15 minute tabata style full body HIIT with optional stretching at the end. Optional use of resistance bands (not needed), as we explore the strengthening benefits of resistance. Focus on core + lower body + glutes + arms + 3 minute endurance round! Breakthrough resistance together + feel the transformational shifts within. 

Restore Movement

30 minute slow flow using resistance and the support of the earth to massage our bodies (no massage balls needed) and open our hips + joints.