Find equilibrium in your energy + mood + thoughts 



4 minute boxed breathing technique to increase focus, calm the mind, and balance the nervous system. 


Bring equilibrium to the mind and balance the nervous system in standing movement series. 25 min flow with balancing poses + 9 min standing HIIT workout + 21 min foot focused restore practice. 


8 minute meditation using the pranayama technique of alternate nostril breathing. Balance the right and left hemisphere of the brain which brings equilibrium to the nervous system.   

Deep Rest

32 minute yoga nidra sound bath meditation for the ebb and flow of life. Embodiment is our most empowering state of being, reclaim your balance in the push and pull of life through your breath in this deeply relaxing practice and sound bath of crystal bowls. 


Use the wheel of life to determine the areas of your life you feel satisfied + balanced and the areas of your life that need more energy + care.