Open the mind and heart.



9 min pranayam practice to open the channels of the body so prana, your life force and energy, can move through you with ease. This is a very relaxing and restorative breathing technique. 


17 min standing flow to open hips, + shoulders. 14 min power mat practice to open hips + strengthen and tone legs and upper body. Practice deep core work with 360 breath. 20 min restorative movement. Open the hip by opening up the jaw and vice versa with massage and movement. Prenatal friendly.


12 min mindfulness practice to train the mind to remain in open awareness without the added judgment and critic. 

Deep Rest

16 min to reground, recenter, and release tension through a bodyscan with non-judgmental and compassionate awareness. 


The garden of your life: weed what no longer serves you, reflect on all the things you are growing, and what you wish to plant and see bloom in a journal to realign with your higher self.