Learn how to move through discomfort with non-judgment + compassion



15 minute breathwork practice of continuous conscious connected breathing + an empowering meditation to seal the session. Working with curiosity, you will become aware of discomfort without judgment and release what no longer serves you. 


Explore the physical body through non-judgmental awareness, engagement, and alignment to increase longevity and acceptance. 50 minute full body flow, connected to the breath as your doorway to present moment awareness + 15 minute full body HIIT workout, with a focus on the lower body  + 30 minute full body restorative movement flow opening all joints of the body + self-massage to release tension in the back and hips.


15 minute cultivating present moment awareness. Quiet the mind + connect with your inner wisdom + learn the tool of curiosity to sit with discomfort. Feel calm + build self-awareness + empowered to take on whatever the world gives us no matter what.  

Deep Rest

21 minutes of the most relaxing techniques shown to improve sleep, cultivate space between stimuli and our reaction, strengthen resilience, process emotions + thoughts, let go of built up stress, restore the nervous system, release tension, and create an inner sense of calm. 


Writing prompts to cultivate self-awareness through curiosity.