Explore inner self with non-judgment + compassion


Flow Movement

50 minute full body flow, connected to the breath as your doorway to present moment awareness. Show up as you are in this safe space of non-judgment. Learn about engagement, core stabilization, and posture while exploring backbends, inversions, and hip openers. 

Power Movement

15 minute full body HIIT workout, with a focus on the lower body + 5 min cool down stretch. Slow down your HIIT practice to tone + strengthen + become aware of alignment for longevity of the joints, then speed up the practice to build endurance for a quick + sweaty practice. 

Restore Movement

30 minute full body restorative movement flow opening all joints of the body + self-massage / rolling to release tension in the back and hips. Use the practice of curiosity to go deep within, releasing tension, blockages, or anything no longer serving you.