Boost mood + improve sleep + feel happy + reduce stress 



16 minute continuous conscious breath, a 2 part inhale and one part exhale all through the mouth, to clear out anything holding you back from fully feeling and resonating in gratitude. Accompanied with music.


Boost mood + release stress + foster a positive outlook on life every step of the way. All movement classes infused with gratitude to get the most benefits and feel good. 57 min full body yoga flow connected to the breath + 15 min full body HIIT power flow + 19 min full body myofacial release restore flow.


11 minute guided meditation reflecting on all you are grateful for. An uplifting practice that promotes a positive mood, well-being, and emotional resilience.  

Deep Rest

25 minute deeply relaxing and restorative meditation that infuses gratitude in every part of the body, heart, mind, and spirit. Accompanied with music.


A 30 day printable gratitude journal. A daily gratitude practice has been scientifically proven to boost mood, increase resilience, improve sleep, cultivate a positive outlook on life,  and reduce stress.