Boost mood + release stress + foster a positive outlook on life


Flow Movement

57 minute yoga asana flow connected to the breath, infusing gratitude in every area of the practice to build positive connections in brain, boost mood, and regulate nervous system. You will experience backbends, inversions, folds, twists, and hip openers in this complete practice.

Power Movement

15 minute full body HIIT (high intensity interval training) movement with a 3 min warm up, focused on core, arms, and legs. This practice will challenge your endurance while you practice remaining grateful every step of the way. Option to stay for the 4 min cool down at the end. 

Restore Movement

19 minute full body myofacial release massage and slow moving restorative practice, focused on the breath. Open the shoulders, spine, and hips and seal the practice with a meditative legs up the wall. A massage or tennis ball is needed.