Restore, rehabilitate, strengthen, and learn how to move through pain.

Lower back


10 minute diaphragmatic abdominal breathing to activate and strengthen the relaxation response to reduce inflammation, lower pain, and calm the nervous system.


Rehabilitate + strengthen + stretch + restore the lower back and muscles that impact lower back pain. Increase mobility and safely stretch in a 3 part flow series: 36 minute mindful yoga practice for the lower back + 13 min standing practice for the lower back, perfect for midday break +  12 min lying down practice all on the back to restore, perfect for in bed. Strengthen and tone core, glutes, and low back with 15 min safe workout. Restore and rejuvenate lower back with 35 min myofacial massage release ball rolling and stretching.


18 minute meditation for dealing with chronic and acute physical pain and discomfort. Release resistance, get reconnected to the whole brain and being, ease feelings of pain and discomfort, lower inflammation, and strengthen the relaxation response. 

Deep Rest

30 minute restorative deep relaxation meditation designed to process pain and release discomfort through awareness and acceptance. 


Daily journal prompts to help process pain and alleviate physical discomfort associated with repressed emotions.