Rehabilitate mindfully + release tension + strengthen the lower back

Low back

Flow Movement

36 minute rehabilitating mindful flow, focused on the muscle groups that can create strain on the lower back: hamstrings, glutes, and hips. May need yoga blocks. 

Power Movement

15 minute slow and safe strengthening movement flow focused on core, glutes, and lower back. When we feel tight muscles, it means they are weak and shortened, so we must strengthen our tight muscles. The lower back target areas are the glutes, core, and lower back. Move through this practice slowly and mindfully to ensure rehabilitation. Option to stay for the 4 min cool down at the end. 

Restore Movement

35 minute lower back restorative practice. Slowly and safely move through movements that support lower back rehabilitation, using alignment, myofacial massage, and stretches focused on back of the legs, hips, and spine. Massage ball and strap or towel needed.

Flow Movement Standing

13 minute standing flow for the lower back, with a focus on the psoas. Move the spine in all 6 directions to tone, restore, and warm up the lower back. Perfect practice to incorporate as a midday stretch or in the morning while you get ready. 

Flow Movement Lying

12 minute restorative flow practice all lying down. Perfect to do in bed when you wake up or before sleep to restore low back, lengthen hamstrings, and open the hips. Towel or strap needed.