Access your inner calm + quiet the mind + nourish the nervous system



5 minute calming diaphragmatic breath practice known as the 3 part breath or abdominal breathing. Stimulate and tone the vagus nerve which strengthens and nourishes our relaxation response to feel peaceful, secure, and at ease. 


Access your inner calm that is always within you in a 5 minute full body flow connected to the breath to stretch, tone, and clear the mind, 5 minute full body HIIT workout where you will sweat, strengthen, and tone, and 5 minute full body calming chair flow, perfect for when working at the desk to open the shoulders, relieve lower back pain, and aid in circulation. 


5 minute cultivating inner calm to quiet the mind + ease physical tension+ nourish the nervous system. A breath practice linked with a calming mantra to enhance focus, boost mood, and positive feelings.

Deep Rest

10 minutes to deeply calm and rejuvenate the whole body, mind, and heart. A simple yet powerful practice to help ease into sleep, quiet the mind, and relax the body. 


Writing prompts to cultivate self-awareness through curiosity.