Meet yourself where you are with non-judgement + compassion.



23 minute continuous conscious breath practice to help process anything going in your life, mind, body, and heart with full acceptance + meditation to feel at ease in the world no matter what.  


Access your inner calm that is always within you in a 5 minute full body flow connected to the breath to stretch, tone, and clear the mind, 5 minute full body HIIT workout where you will sweat, strengthen, and tone, and 5 minute full body calming chair flow, perfect for when working at the desk to open the shoulders, relieve lower back pain, and aid in circulation. 


11 minute self-compassion meditation called RAIN. Process difficult emotions + feelings, like unworthiness and anxiety, with this profound mindfulness tool 

Deep Rest

18 minutes to unwind and destress. Relax the body + mind + heart through the practice of witnessing and accepting life as is. This practice is shown to reduce anxiety + stress, deactivate the fear + worry center in the brain, and boost mood + outlook. 


Learn how to use the wheel of emotions to ease anxiety and the science of why it works. Gain access to the whole brain and your inner wisdom to guide you into a state of ease and peace.