Clear + nourish + align with highest self in the garden of your life



12 min nourishing breathing practice to clear the mind and relax the body. Breathe with the guided imagery of a flower blooming open. Accompanied with music.


25 min full body flow practiced outside with pelvic floor, hips, and heart focus. 20 min restorative practice to release tension and melt into the support of the earth. 12 min full body mat practice to strengthen and tone with hip and glute focus, practiced outside. All Prenatal friendly. 


12 min meditation to connect with your highest sense of self in full bloom. Clear the weeds, the things no longer serving you, reflect on the garden of your life through self-awareness, and plant seeds of intention that align with future you. 

Deep Rest

34 min rejuvenating meditation, completely relaxing the body and mind to access the powerful subconscious and plant seeds of intention that align with your highest self. 


The garden of your life: weed what no longer serves you, reflect on all the things you are growing, and what you wish to plant and see bloom in a journal to realign with your higher self.