Plant seeds of intention + make space + feel renewed



7 min boxed breathing technique with crystal singing bowls to create a steady + even breath to restore the nervous system, improve focus, and calm the mind. 


24 min standing yoga practice to lengthen + grow the spine using the ujjayi breath to strengthen + tone the vagus nerve. 11 min tabata style full body workout that grows in intensity. 28 min myofascial release + deep stretching to open the souls of the feet and back of the neck, because as above so below. 


5 -30 min guided meditation to grow the space between our experience and our response by focusing on the space between the breath. Choose a 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 min practice - all separated by the sounds of a crystal bowl, so that you can grow your meditation.  

Deep Rest

33 minute deeply relaxing guided meditation to plant a seed of intention into the garden of your heart. First breathe deeply to til the soil and clear space, followed by a rejuvenating body-scan. 


Use this journal to work through an area in your life that you feel stuck in the comfort zone. Fostering a growth mindset broadens the mind to one that embraces challenges, seeks to learn through new experiences, inspired by others, believes talents and skills can be developed through practice and effort, and not afraid to fail. You grow through what you go through.