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10 minutes

Guided meditation using the sacred sound of OM to harmonize the mind, body, and heart, for OM is the sound the earth makes when in harmony.  OM is an ancient Sanskrit letter found in the Vedas. Patanjali taught, “if nothing else works, just chant OM.” Considered the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, OM is the primordial sound of the Universe. Together we will turn our breath to sound, which activates + tones the vagus nerve, the master cranial nerve of the relaxation response, and then move into a silent meditation, listening internally to the eternal vibration of OM resonating within. 

  • activate the vagus nerve
  • learn about the vagus nerve as the master nerve of your relaxation response
  • chant “OM”
  • use the mantra “OM” in your silent meditation

Harmony Meditation