When you are in alignment with your higher self, it feels like everything is in the right place. You are in the flow, grounded, connected, and in your most authentic state of being. Yet, sometimes, stressors accumulate, and you lose touch with your higher self. The inner critic gets louder, the mind turns to fear and worry, and it can feel like something’s off and fragmented.

To realign with your higher self, it is helpful to first sense what it feels like, looks like, and sounds like when you are not in alignment. In the future, you can use those as signals, letting you know it is time to take a u-turn home and reconnect with your higher self.

This journal is designed to uncover what it looks and feels like when you are out of alignment so that you can make that U-turn home. Create a toolkit of ways that get you back into alignment and envision what it feels and looks like to be in alignment. 

Align Journal