Unlock the potential of the present moment with the daily 5-minute journal, exploring gratitude, intentions, inner wisdom, and more.

man sitting on grass meditating

Journal prompts for uncertainty because you never know; what you may be avoiding may be your heart’s desire to try to come into form.

Journal prompt designed to uncover what no longer serves you, reflect on what you are already cultivating, and realign with your higher self.

Journal prompts designed to declutter your life and create space through awareness and letting go in order to cultivate more joy.

Journal prompts designed to transform and reconnect with your higher self for a grounded and positive connection with life, no matter what.

ocean waves in black and white

Journal prompts of self-discovery designed recognize signs of misalignment, and create a toolkit to reconnect with your higher self.

woman at the beach hands in the sky black and white

Journal prompts to reconnect with your purpose, joy, and gratitude to fill your tank, shift your perspective, and inspire.

Woman blurred by the moon

Feel stuck in your comfort zone? Journal prompts designed to foster a growth mindset that is inspired, resilient, and not afraid to fail.

palm tree by the water black and white

Bring awareness to the most important areas of your life to reflect, cultivate, and brainstorm practices + habits that nourish you whole.


Journal prompts designed to get to the root of you inner critic in order to strengthen your inner wisdom and shift to a positive narrative.

Two men in pearls and hats by a palm tree

Journal prompts designed to help you reflect, reassess, and realign your vision, goals, habits, and create an action plan.

woman at the beach black and white

A 30 day gratitude journal to boost mood, improve sleep, cultivate a positive outlook on life, and reduce stress.

woman smiling with orange

Daily journal prompts to help process pain and alleviate physical discomfort associated with repressed emotions.

Flowing scarf

Cultivate self-awareness using the wheel of life to determine the areas of your life you feel balanced and where you need more care +energy.

Woman on a hike in the woods

Calm difficult emotions and cultivate compassion for yourself using the mindfulness tool RAIN to help integrate negative experiences.

shell and cracked eggs shell

Use the wheel of emotions to ease anxiety and the science of why it works, while you journal into a state of ease and peace.

Woman standing on top of a hill looking down

Writing prompts to cultivate self-awareness through curiosity by better understanding how and why you react to discomfort.

Candle and palo santo

Know where your joy resides within you and understand what hides your joy + what enlivens joy.

Woman closing eyes and laughing

A guide to become aware about what feel out of balance and discover what practices bring you into harmony.

pomegranate balancing on concrete

Feeling stuck? Work through feelings of resistance showing up in your relationships, work, and life.

hard green fruit

Self love journal to cultivate worthiness, confidence, and self compassion.

Everything is working out for my highest good. I’m sailing into my third trimester, less than two months away until I meet my sweet angel. As I watch the leaves begin to turn and the brisk air set in I sense the ever flowing change that is always occurring within and around us. Nothing stays […]

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