Everything is working out for my highest good.
I’m sailing into my third trimester, less than two months away until I meet my sweet angel. As I watch the leaves begin to turn and the brisk air set in I sense the ever flowing change that is always occurring within and around us. Nothing stays the same. No moment like the one before. And no matter how big or subtle of a shift, I am always reminded that the only constant thing in this life is change. 

So why does my mind make such a big deal about it? 

The last few weeks I kept having these experiences occur that brought on a lot of uncertainty. I felt the worry grip my body and take hold of my breath. I then became even more anxious because I knew my baby was feeling everything I felt. The interesting thing about each stressful event that seemed to occur one after the next was that there was no follow through. The potential hazardous freak out my mind was prepping for never came to fruition. My dad even reminded me that 85% of the things we worry about never happen. 

It reminds me of the worry tree diagram: 
Even the one thing that did seem to stick around, the sciatic nerve pain I was experiencing from pregnancy, turned out to be a pretty great reminder to sit and walk with refined and engaged posture. 
The mind makes up drastic endings to what we deem stressful as a way to protect us and plan. The mind loves to control, this is because the mind wants to keep us safe by predicting certain outcomes or repeating familiar experiences and events.
The mind acts similarly to the story of how to trap a monkey: After cutting a hole in a gourd, just big enough for a monkey to fit their hand through, you place nuts or sweets for the monkey to eat. The monkey will then place their hand in the gourd, grab the sweets, and soon realize that the hole in the gourd is not big enough for a hand clutching a fistful of sweets. They’re stuck. If only the monkey was to open their fist, surrender the sweets, they would be free.

Our mind acts in the same way with worry. We become gripped with fear, stuck on controlling a certain outcome with our fixed expectations, or we resist the inevitable change. Worry gives an appearance of doing something when in reality we are just revving up the stress response in the body, increasing the heart rate, dumping cortisol into our bloodstream, and slowing down the vital functions of all other systems within our body until we get to safety. The mind, very innocently, makes up wild scenarios that rarely happen and yet our body will react as if it is real. Stress is not bad, it’s how we react to stress that creates a negative or positive impact in our life.

This is where learning the art of surrendering comes into play. It’s not the waving of the white flag and giving up in defeat type of surrender. The art of surrendering is a very powerful practice. Surrendering allows us to become alchemist to your life. Becoming aware of the experience and the worry or anxiety that may go along with it and then choosing to surrender the desire to resist, control, change, fix, or do away with whatever is happening in life by coming back to trust, grace, and your inner wisdom.

Life is full of uncertainty, change is our only constant. When we resist or try to control and change life as it is, we end up suffering, stuck like the monkey.

The more you trust the journey itself, the more fluid and joyful life becomes.

The more you constrict and grip, the more worry and fear you pick up along the way.

And you never know, what you may be avoiding, resisting, or wanting to control may actually be your hearts desire trying to come into form.

 When life feels uncertain and chaotic and fear of the unknown surfaces, get curious – life is forever changing – remember the universe may just be reordering your life to match more of what you are calling forth.

Surrender the ego mind, let go of suffering, and tune into the wisdom of uncertainty.

Let go in the unfolding and see how the tension no longer serves you. See how the fears and worries no longer serve you.

Everything is working out for your highest good and the highest good of everyone.

Life is unfolding as it should.

Trust. Trust yourself. Trust the universe.


Free Journal to Surrender

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A journal to surrender to trust.

Life is full of uncertainty, change is your only constant and when you resist or try to control life as it is, you end up suffering. Surrender doesn’t mean giving up or not doing anything about it. Surrendering allows you to become an alchemist, transforming tension, discomfort, worries, from within and tuning into your inner wisdom so you may experience more grace, ease, and trust.

Surrender the ego mind that wants to control and worry (in order to keep you safe), surrender the fear, surrender the voice within you that tells you you are not good enough. Surrender the resistance to life as is so you can co-create with the universe. Because you never know, what you may be avoiding, resisting, or trying to control may be your hearts desire trying to come into form.

How to Surrender