Gain understanding of why our body reacts the way it does to stress and anxiety and learn a simple yet transformative mindfulness practice to ease stress and strengthen your most empowered state of being. 

If we are experiencing stress or anxiety, being present in the body is usually the last place we want to be. When our stress response gets activated it often feels like our body and mind got hijacked. We feel a diverse array of sensations, thoughts, and emotions both familiar and unfamiliar. We may experience painful emotions or get hooked in a trance or certain story that’s not always positive. Especially in these moments of stress and anxiety when our inner critic dominants, our fear / worry center of the brain takes over, and our body physiologically reacts in its fight / flight mode. In times of stress and anxiety it can often be the most uncomfortable to be present in the body, and yet it is our most empowered place to be.

So, how do we meet ourselves where we are, as is, no matter what?

Through non-judgmental awareness and learning how to regulate our nervous system so that we feel grounded and confident no matter what experience comes our way. Together we will learn how our body reacts to stress and anxiety and a super simple mindfulness breathing practice that will interrupt the stress response and bring us back home to our body, our most empowered state of being so that we can meet ourselves where we are in each moment with compassion.

As You Are