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15 minute

Guided meditation to get grounded amidst uncertainty and ease suffering by surrendering to life as is. Trust that everything is working out for you highest good and the highest good of all.

  • Life is full of uncertainty, change is our only constant. When we resist change and try to control life, we actually end up suffering.
  • Surrender does not mean giving up. Surrendering allows you to become the alchemist to transform the tension, discomfort, and worries from within so that you may experience more grace, ease, and trust.
  • Get curious: The universe may just be reordering your life to match more of what you are calling forth. You never know what you may actually be avoiding, resisting, or trying to control, is actually your heart’s desire trying to come into form.
  • Bodyscan to release tension
  • Feel more grounded, joyful, and at ease.

Surrender Meditation