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9 minute

Guided meditation practice to realign with your higher self using the mantra Sat Nam and your pulse.

  • Mantra: Sat Nam
  • Sat Nam, a bija mantra (one syllable sound that activates all chakras) from the Sikh language called Gurmukhi, translates to “I am truth” or “true identity”. Sat (truth) and Nam (name).
  • In alignment: in the flow, centered, connected, at ease
  • Out of alignment: fragmented, rigid, judgmental
  • The use of breath, mantra, and the phsyical feeling of your pulse will quiet the mind and greatly improve focus.
  • Pulse: take your three fingers to the outer inside of the wrist to find your pulse. The rhythm of your pulse say “Sat Nam”, first out loud to get the beat and then silently.
  • This kundalini inspired meditation

Align Meditation