33 min
Guided deep rest relaxation to manifest your heart’s desire + release blockages that no longer serve you

Sea shells

6 min
Guided walking breathwork, matching your footsteps to the count of the breath. Feel calm, connected + clear.

Walking on the beach

7 min
Guided box breathing with crystal singing bowls to create a steady even breath, restoring nervous system, improving focus, and calming mind. 

chair in front of a curtain

5 mins
Guided meditation focusing on the sensation of the breath to cultivate focus, clarity, and calmness.

Guided mantra meditation of Let Go to clear the clutter of the mind.

9 min
Guided meditation practice to realign with your higher self using the mantra Sat Nam + the rhythm of your pulse.

5 mins
Guided meditation of breath awareness and mantra to cultivate inner calm.

18 mins
Guided mantra meditation practice to let go of anything you are resisting.