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33 minute

Guided deep rest relaxation to manifest your heart’s desire and release all blockages that no longer serve you, feeling focused, clear, and rejuvenated. You are the gardener of your inner world. First, till the soil and remove the weeds that no longer serve you using an effortful breath to clear space. Then, plant seeds of intention that you wish to cultivate in your life, whatever your heart desires. Finally, nourish your garden through the practice of a body scan to rejuvenate and relax in present awareness.

  • When stating your intention, silently say it in the presence tense as a way to create a more powerful one. For example, if your intention is abundance, you would state, ” I am abundant,” stating your intention as if it already exists. You will repeat the intention three times at the beginning of the practice and again at the end of the practice.
  • Breath awareness and body scan.
  • Recommended to practice resting on your back.

Growth Deep Rest