20 min
Guided deep rest meditation through all the layers of the self to help you cultivate presence and calm the mind.

man in curtain

16 min
Guided deep rest to reground, recenter, and release tension through a body scan.


26 min
Guided deep rest to come home to your inner sanctuary + let go of what no longer serves you.

Woman running on the beach

34 min
Guided rejuvenating meditation to manifest your desired state of being.

Face of woman

25 min
Guided deep rest to empty the mind + cultivate gratitude, abundance, worthiness, and empowerment. 

Woman surfing sitting on the water

26 min
Guided deep rest meditation of witness and accept to shift your state of being to a positive and open one.


40 min
Guided deep rest yoga nidra to align with your higher self + set an intention within the subconscious.

Woman in bikini at beach

13 min
Guided deep rest breathing the positive rhythm of breath to nourish the nervous system + calm the mind.

Sandy hills in black and white

33 min
Guided deep rest relaxation to manifest your heart’s desire + release blockages that no longer serve you

Sea shells

20 min
Guided nourishing deep rest to release tension and rejuvenate the mind, body, and heart.

Black woman in workout outfit holding a glass of water

20 min
Guided deep rest loving kindness meditation to feel loved, cherished, and deeply restored while letting go.

A couple walking together on the beach in black and white

20 min
Guided deep rest meditation to reset the nervous system, clear the mind, rejuvenate the body + set intention.

Woman kneeling with hands on knees black and white

25 min
Deeply relaxing and restorative meditation that infuses gratitude in every part of the body, heart + mind.

woman holding flowers

30 min
Guided restorative deep relaxation meditation designed to ease pain and release discomfort.

Woman running on the beach

32 min
Guided yoga nidra sound bath to find equanimity within the ebb and flow of life and balance the nervous system.

One surfer in ocean

18 min
Guided witness and accept meditation to unwind, reduce anxiety, destress, and relax the body.

Leaf in water

10 min
Guided deep rest meditation to calm and rejuvenate the whole body, mind, and heart.

Hands holding one flower in the fields

21 min
Guided witness and acceptance meditation to help integrate the chaos of life and cultivate inner peace.

Blurred woman's face

5 min
Guided progressive muscle relaxation to quickly and powerfully release tension so you feel relaxed.

palm trees on the beach

25 min
Guided progressive muscle relaxation technique paired with breathwork followed by a rejuvenating meditation to feel balanced and relaxed.

yellow chair with white rose

30 min
Guided deeply relaxing meditation to relieve stress at the end of the day, clear the mind, and feel calm.

Man resting his head and holding a vase of flowers

19 min
Guided rejuvenating meditation of witness + release to process stress, frustrations, or resistance to life as is.

woman in white blouse

32 min
Guided yoga nidra to connect deep within to your subconscious setting intentions of joy and love.

house in the jungle beach with palm tress

35 min
Guided deep rest relaxation to release tension, thoughts, emotions, and anything that no longer serves you.  

Ocean and beach black and white

35 min
Guided relaxation meditation deep rest to ground into your most empowered state of being, feeling restored and at ease. 

Black woman smiling in field