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21 minute

Guided witness and acceptance meditation to help integrate the chaos of life, cultivate inner peace, improve sleep, and release tension. Move from your external environment inwards to the mind, the breath, and the body. On this journey inward, I invite you to use curiosity as a tool to witness and accept any thought, story, emotion, physical sensation, or sound that you may experience along the way.

When you become present in the body, you notice how uncomfortable it truly is, which is why we don’t spend that much time in our day being present. Yet it is here in the body that we are our most empowered, where instead of reacting to our circumstances, we get to respond from this space of wholeness and alignment. As you move through this practice, I invite you to meet each thought, sensation, and sound with innate curiosity. This means instead of judging, labeling, or resisting anything that comes your way; you allow yourself to soften and become open and receptive, witnessing things as they are with full acceptance.

  • Shown to improve sleep, cultivate space between stimuli and your reaction, strengthen resilience, process emotions, let go of built-up stress, restore the nervous system, release tension, and create an inner sense of calm. 
  • Recommended to practice resting on your back, placing a rolled-up blanket under the knees, a pillow under the head, and a blanket over the body.
  • Witness and accept meditation

Curiosity Deep Rest