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35 minutes

Guided deep rest relaxation practice to release tension, thoughts, emotions, and anything that no longer serves you. Come home to your most natural state of being, feeling nourished and rejuvenated. 

  • Let go of what no longer serves you and clear the slate in order to plant seeds of intention.
  • You may experience resistance when letting go because the mind seeks what is familiar, and change is unknown.
  • Learn a different way to let go, where all you have to do is become aware with non-judgmental awareness.
  • Think of awareness as the ocean and the waves as the thoughts, emotions, and sensations. The waves are always changing, turbulent, calm, fast, and slow. When you get attached to a wave, it is because you gave it meaning. For this practice, become the ocean, aware of the waves gliding across the surface but not attached. Nothing to do but simply rest in this limitless awareness.
  • Practice Deep Rest on your back with a rolled-up blanket under the knees, a pillow under the head, and a blanket to stay warm.

Release Deep Rest