30 min
Guided deeply relaxing meditation to relieve stress at the end of the day, clear the mind, and feel calm.

Man resting his head and holding a vase of flowers

35 min
Guided deep rest relaxation to release tension, thoughts, emotions, and anything that no longer serves you.  

Ocean and beach black and white

7 min
Guided deep breathing practice to shift your state of being and activate the relaxation response. 

Woman standing on beach holding a leaf

16 min
Guided conscious connected breathing to clear out anything holding you back from gratitude

Fall leaves

15 mins
Conscious connected breathwork with an empowering meditation to work with difficult emotions + old beliefs that no longer serve you.

Woman reading a newspaper on the bench, black and white

24 minute
Guided breathwork practice of conscious connected breathing to release what no longer serves you.

Breathwork to release

10 min
Release what no longer serves you with visualization + breathwork + mindful awareness.