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15 minute

Guided breathwork to practice of conscious connected breathing complete with an empowering meditation to work with discomfort, tension, difficult emotions, and old beliefs that no longer serve you so that you can feel more freedom, ease, and peace. Breathwork can bring up a lot of discomfort when certain emotions, thoughts, and stories surface. Releasing this energy in your tissues, accompanied by the stories and feelings, can be very uncomfortable, and yet, the only way is through. When we build the practice of remaining present in the body, no matter the thoughts or feelings, we can allow the world and yourselves to be as is without an added reaction. Can you remain present with the discomfort through your innate curiosity? What’s the feeling coming up? Where is it held in the body? What’s the story? What’s the old belief? Be with yourself, through the discomfort, with non-judgment, and release what no longer serves you.

  • This breath is practiced all out the mouth, taking one inhale into the abdomen, one inhale into the chest, and one exhale out of the body.
  • This practice may make you dizzy or light-headed. You may experience tightening of the limbs or jaw.
  • Tip: If you do notice a tightening of the jaw or limbs, it may mean you are putting too much effort on the exhale.
  • Two opportunities to hold your breath for up to a minute as a way to release what no longer serves you. You can skip all holding of breath.
  • Ensure you read about breathwork before practicing, or contact me with any questions.
  • Practice resting on your back is highly recommended. Never practice while in water or operating machinery.

Curiosity Breathwork