11 min
Guided mindful breathing to rest in spacious awareness, calm nervous system + cultivate peace from within.

Woman in jungle

9 min
Guided pranayama practice to open the channels of the body to feel relaxed, calm, and open.

calm ocean horizon at sunset

10 min
Guided relaxation breath of a long exhale to calm the mind, dissolve tension, and release worries.

Woman by water in a dress with her arms in the air

12 min
Guided visualization breathing practice to clear the mind, relax the body + nourish the nervous system.

white flower

8 min
Guided whole breathing to create spaciousness in the mind, body, and heart using the 360 breath.

Disco ball on the beach

7 min
Guided deep breathing practice to shift your state of being and activate the relaxation response. 

Woman standing on beach holding a leaf

13 min
Diaphragmatic breathing with the 333 technique to improves posture + activates relaxation response.

Plant leaves close up

7 min
Guided box breathing with crystal singing bowls to create a steady even breath, restoring nervous system, improving focus, and calming mind. 

chair in front of a curtain

5 min
Guided conscious connected breath to the rhythm of crystal singing bowls to nourish the mind, body, and heart.


19 min
Guided conscious connected breathwork and loving-kindness meditation to release old narratives and cultivate self-love.

Woman dancing

12 min
Guided conscious connected breathwork + meditation to let go, reset, and set a powerful intention

Woman facing away from camera on a bed

16 min
Guided conscious connected breathing to clear out anything holding you back from gratitude

Fall leaves

10 min
Guided diaphragmatic abdominal breathing to reduce inflammation, lower pain, and calm nervous system.

Woman turned away from mirror looking over her shoulder and holding flowers behind her back

4 min
Box breathing technique to increase focus, calm the mind, and balance the nervous system. 

Small window

23 mins
Conscious connected breathwork + meditation to help process life and integrate the mind, body, and heart with full acceptance.

Woman with head turned to the right and her hand on her shoulder

5 mins
Guided diaphragmatic breathwork to tone the vagus nerve so you feel peaceful, secure, and at ease. 

calm ocean at sunset

15 mins
Conscious connected breathwork with an empowering meditation to work with difficult emotions + old beliefs that no longer serve you.

Woman reading a newspaper on the bench, black and white

10 mins
Guided pranayama practice of Nadi Shodhana to balance brain, mind, body, and emotions.

Man standing at edge of water with his reflection

10 min
Pranayama using techniques of Bhastrika, Kapalabhati and Nadi Shodhana to feel balanced + clear.

Close up of white mushrooms on a tree, black and white

23 mins
Guided breathwork practice of conscious connected breathing to breakthrough resistance.

Woman dancing outside black and white, fashion

9 min
Guided breathwork practice of conscious connected breathing and self-love heart-opening meditation.

Breathwork to release

24 minute
Guided breathwork practice of conscious connected breathing to release what no longer serves you.

Breathwork to release

20 mins
Guided breathwork practice of continuous breath. Transform the mind, body, and heart as you ground into your most empowered self.

10 min
Release what no longer serves you with visualization + breathwork + mindful awareness.