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19 minute

Guided conscious connected breathwork and loving-kindness meditation to release old narratives and cultivate self-love. Weed the garden of the heart of any blockages or grievances so you can grow a garden of love that will nourish every experience of your life. The practice of breathwork may unearth old narratives, difficult emotions, physical tensions, and beliefs that no longer serve you. Envision these old thoughts and feelings that may surface as the weeds in your garden and breathwork as the tilling of the soil to clear space for more freedom, alignment, and abundance. Plant the seeds of compassion with loving-kindness meditation.

  • This breath is practiced all out the mouth, taking one effortful inhale into the abdomen, one inhale into the chest, and one effortless exhale out of the body.
  • Two opportunities to hold your breath for less than a minute. You can always skip any breath holds.
  • This practice may make you dizzy or light-headed. You may experience tightening of the limbs or jaw. If you do notice a tightening of the jaw or limbs, it may mean you are putting too much effort into the exhale.
  • Practice resting on your back is highly recommended. Never practice while in water or operating machinery.
  • Ensure you read about breathwork before practicing, or contact me with any questions

Love Breathwork