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5 minute

Guided conscious connected breath matched to the rhythm of crystal singing bowls to increase energy, oxygen, and vitality while nourishing the mind, body, and heart.

  • This breath is practiced all out the mouth, taking one effortful inhale into the abdomen, one inhale into the chest, and one effortless exhale out of the body.
  • One opportunity to hold your breath for less than a minute. You can always skip this breath hold.
  • This practice may make you dizzy or light-headed. You may experience tightening of the limbs or jaw. If you do notice a tightening of the jaw or limbs, it may mean you are putting too much effort into the exhale.
  • Practice resting on your back is highly recommended. Never practice while in water or operating machinery.
  • Ensure you read about breathwork before practicing, or contact me with any questions

Nourish Breathwork